Méabh McMahon


I am an Irish journalist and conference moderator based in Brussels since 2010. Apart from live broadcasting, I produce video and radio packages, write for print and web and moderate conferences and political debates. A native English speaker, I am also fluent in Irish, German, Spanish and French. Find out more about me by exploring this website or reaching out to me on meabhmcmahon@gmail.com or on any of the social media sites below.


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  • In September, 2018, I joined the Brussels bureau of Euronews NBC, a fresh rolling news channel with a pan-European perspective. I report live and produce news packages for news and current affairs shows like Good Morning Europe and Euronews Now. I also help produce a daily political chat show broadcast from the European Parliament in Brussels called Raw Politics.

  • From 2011 until giving birth to my son in February 2018, I contributed to the international news channel France24 as their Brussels correspondent, first as a back up and then more frequently. I reported live via telephone, Skype, Aviwest, in studio or on location about EU, Nato and Belgian affairs. I also covered a lot of breaking news like...

February 2018 Trial of Paris attacks suspect Salah Abdeslam in Brussels November 2017 Former Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont fleeing to Brussels October 2016 EU/Canada free trade Deal signed in Brussels June 2016 Brexit referendum March 2016 Brussels terrorist attacks March 2016 Capture of Paris attacks suspect Salah Abdeslam in Molenbeek November 2015 Brussels lockdown and Paris attacks investigations July 2015 Greek debt crisis deal after 26 hour EU summit. January 2015 Counter-terrorism raids in Verviers, Belgium May 2014 Terrorist shooting at the Brussels Jewish museum February 2014 Legalisation of euthanasia for minors in Belgium December 2011 Murder-suicide in city centre of Liege

“Méabh is a highly professional and charismatic TV reporter. She has excellent editorial judgement and will always walk the extra mile to find new angles to a news story".

Christophe Robeet, Former Europe editor at France24

"No Brussels fudge where this correspondent is concerned. From Molenbeek to Berlaymont, Méabh always sorts the wheat from the chaff."

Francois Picard, Chief news anchor, France24

"Méabh has been our France 24 Brussels correspondent since 2011. It's been a pleasure working with her not only because of her enthusiasm and professionalism, but also because she's great at making Europe and its complex issues interesting and comprehensive to our viewers. She covers all the EU's intricacies with diligence and pedagogy. For our Brexit coverage, she used both her contacts and her behind-the-scenes knowledge to relate the ongoing discussions with passion and sagacity. She also provided thorough coverage of the Paris terrorist attacks and its Belgian fallout, as well as the Brussels attacks in April 2016. With these stories, like with all the coverage she gives France24, she is able to give both in-depth interpretation and a very human take of the most difficult subjects."

Audrey Liling, Editor-in-chief, France24

  • As anchor for BRUZZ International on Belgian TV BRUZZ, my beat extends beyond the Brussels bubble to produce features on society and culture across the 19 very diverse municipalities that make up Brussels. I have reported on an array of topics from the homelessness crisis in Brussels to the challenges for youth in disadvantaged areas of the city, but I have also done a number of uplifting pieces about culture, lifestyle, music, fashion, art, festivals and food.

Take a look at some of my work in this short clip.

"Extremely passionate about TV journalism, highly professional and skilled to work in front and behind the camera, Méabh is a great asset to BRUZZ international and a pleasure to work with. Flexible and dynamic, she can adapt to many different situations always bringing out the best of it.”

Stefano Lapasini, Producer, Bruzz International, BRUZZ

  • A self-taught video journalist, back in 2013, I produced an array of web videos for the distinguished EU news website EUobserver. All videos were filmed and edited by me. I also anchored chat shows and debates in the studios of the European Parliament in Brussels and Strasbourg.

"Méabh is a very energetic and inspiring journalist. She has a huge personal network of contacts in Brussels and always seems to know someone, who knows someone. She manages to bridge Brussels corridors with ordinary people's life and interests in her reporting.”

Lisbeth Kirk, Founder of EUobserver


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  • From 2015 until 2018, I was the Brussels correspondent for Radio France International English, I reported live or provided packages on EU and Belgian domestic affairs as well as breaking news in Brussels and beyond. I also contributed regularly to EuroParl Radio and occasionally to Irish public radio RTÉ World Report, BBC Radio Foyle and BBC Radio 5 live.

“Méabh is an extremely rigorous, reliable and competent journalist who has been essential to our coverage of European affairs from the Belgian capital. With topics ranging from summits at the European Union, multi-lateral talks on the migrant crisis and the terror attacks in Brussels, Méabh has always been at the ready to give concise, well-paced & informed reports either live with our presenters, or in well produced packages. On the day of the March 22nd bombings on Maelbeek metro station and Zaventem airport, Méabh was on-hand for all the latest information regarding the attacks and their aftermath in the days that followed, on a near 24 hour basis. Her subsequent coverage of anti-terror operations and the arrest of alleged ring-leaders of the Paris and Brussels massacres has been second to none.”

David Coffey, Head of English Service – Radio France International

  • I used to contribute to EuroParl Radio, an Irish radio agency. My main role involved interviewing Irish MEPS at the monthly European Parliament plenary in Strasbourg about the big news stories of the week.

“Méabh is a super person to work with. She is diligent, reliable and above all professional in her conduct as a journalist. She has worked on several assignments for EuroParlRadio and was a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend Méabh as a colleague.”

Karen Coleman, Editor-in-Chief, EuroParl Radio

  • I spent a few years collaborating with the European radio network EURANET. I reported for a weekly European news show, Network Europe, moderated monthly live debates in the European Parliament studios in Brussels and prepared radio interviews on extensive subjects in Brussels and Strasbourg for Euranet Plus.

“Méabh was always smiling, positive, competent and constructive, a good colleague to have around.”

Jan Simmen,Euranet Plus


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  • Since arriving in Brussels in 2010, I have moderated numerous events and debates on an array of topics in a number of formats.  As MC, my aim is always to spark a conversational atmosphere where both speakers and the audience feel comfortable.  Among the events I have moderated include.....

May 2018 Panel debate about the future of work and the challenges for EU labour markets at the European Youth Event in Strasbourg. November 2017 High level panel debate about the future of the Erasmus Plus programme in the European Parliament, Brussels October 2017 EUROCITIES Annual Social Affairs Forum, Gothenburg, Sweden May 2017 Panel debates and award ceremony for European Youth Week, Brussels, Belgium January 2017 European event on Gender-Based Violence, Valleta, Malta November 2016 Annual Forum of Generali Employee Benefits, Brussels, Belgium November 2016 European Youth Capital ceremony, Palace of Culture and Sports, Varna, Bulgaria May 2016 Opening ceremony and numerous panel debates at the European Youth Event, European Parliament, Strasbourg, France Januray 2016 Movie screening of “Democracy – Im Rausch der Daten” and debate with MEP Jan Philipp Albrecht, the rapporteur for the EU General Data Protection Regulation March 2015 Panel debate about The Foreign Fighters Phenomenon in the EU for the Committee of Regions, Brussels, Belgium May 2014 High level panel debate about Germany and the future of Europe at the International Women's Forum, Berlin, Germany

“Méabh is a very enthusiastic and engaging moderator. It is always a pleasure to listen to her”.

Iris Walter, Media Services Unit, Directorate-General for Communication, European Parliament

"We've been delighted to have worked with Méabh on several occasions. Her dynamism and professionalism also contributes greatly to the success of our events."

Dietrich Romestch, Deputy Head of Unit, European Commission, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion

"Without her personal engagement, the EYE2016 in Strasbourg in May 2016 would not have been the success it was. Méabh moderated the opening ceremony and many high-level panels at the event that saw 7,500 young people from 39 countries gather. Young people were very impressed by her inspiring way to engage them and her thorough knowledge of the subject matters. The ease with how she adapted to many unforeseen situations was impressive and much needed at a large-scale event like this.

Klaus Loffler, EYE2016 coordinator, European Parliament

"Over the last 5 years working in Brussels in the EU environment, I have never met a communications professional like Méabh. She always manages to energise, engage and entertain the audience to deliver the best results." 

Luis Alvarado Martinez, Vice President of European Youth Forum

“Méabh moderated our two-day EUROCITIES Social Affairs Forum in Gothenburg on 25-26 October 2017. She managed very well to link the different sessions of our programme, acting as our master of ceremony. We were very pleased with how Meabh steered the debate and how she connected the different policy messages to ensure a rich and coherent dialogue with the audience. We were equally impressed with the understanding and insight Meabh showed and quickly grasped into the topic of our conference – the role of cities in the European Pillar of Social Rights. The feedback we received from our participants about the moderator of the conference was very positive. Our collaboration was smooth and pleasant, always based on mutual understanding and flexibility, and we look forward to continue our collaboration with Méabh in the future”.

Bianca Faragau, EUROCITIES


  • Although I mainly work in broadcast journalism, I have written in the past about EU policy for outlets like Globalmeatnews and Fraud Intelligence and have done longer features for magazines like the Stanford Social Innovation Review.